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“In the early 1960s, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, L.L. Lemnitzer, concocted a plan for false flag operations, as a pretext to invade Cuba, and for war with the Soviet Union. In Operation Northwoods, they planned to hijack jets by remote control, crash them, and blame the attack on Cuba. There were many other terrorist attacks they planned to carry out, that were contained within the document. One scenario mentioned was the destruction a US naval vessel that was to be blamed on a foreign power, as a pretext for war with any enemy they picked. President Lyndon Baines Johnson went operational with Northwoods on June 8, 1967 during the Six-Day War. … between Israel and the Arab nations, the USS Liberty was sent by Johnson to collect electronic intelligence in the eastern Mediterranean. The clearly marked US intelligence ship was 14 miles off the coast of Israel in international waters. … While all of this was happening, the over-sized American flag flew clearly above the ship. The attack on the Liberty went on for hour after hour after hour. During the entire attack the USS Liberty continually called the Sixth Fleet that was nearby, begging for air support, or rescue. Two aircraft carriers in the Med responded by launching fighter aircraft. Unbelievably they were recalled by the White House. Rear Admiral (Lawrence) Geis, then commanding the carriers in the Sixth Fleet, called Washington personally to confirm the recall order. Secretary of Defence (Robert) McNamara came on the line, and then President Johnson himself told Geis, ‘I want that goddamn ship going to the bottom. No help — recall the wings.’ … In the aftermath of the attack, one of the most highly decorated ships in US history, the captain and his entire crew were told, they would spend life in prison, or be killed, if they told anyone what [had] happened. Captain William L. McGonagle was given the Congressional Medal of Honor, in secret, and told not to tell anyone that he had won the award.”

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