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Leuren Moret: 2016 – Putin, Russia & a Silk Road Economy: cooperative, peaceful, beneficial trading

Leuren Moret: 2016 – Putin, Russia & a Silk Road Economy: cooperative, peaceful, beneficial trading

History Of How Rothschilds Zionist Mafia Robbed Our Government With A Money Scam Called the Federal Reserve

Aquatune Hydrogen system


AquaTune is half water injection and half hydrogen production
AquaTunePlus outperforms All other systems on the market!
Our system produces 2.5L Hydrogen per minute at 8 atmospheric pressure, using only 1.5 amps;
Never needs cleaning;
Never needs manipulation of computer sensors, even on OBDII vehicles;
We guarantee and you can expect to gain a minimum of at least 25% increase in mpg and up to 30% in hp;
Gets rid of all turbo lag;
Can now use regular fuel instead of premium grade fuel;
Will not interfere with emissions or any sensors;
Lowers oil temp. by 25 degrees;
Eliminates ALL pre-detonation problems;
Longer time between oil changes;
Removes all carbon in engine and, therefore, prolongs engine life;
Will not harm the engine or the system if you run out of water;
System has a one year warranty on the processor, extended warranty available; Extended warranty is automatic when system installed by an authorized installer;
Established 1972 – We’ve come a long way since then;
Tech. support available – we still give the human touch;
Open six days per week – hours are Mon.-Fri. 8:30-6:00 (except on Wed., Open ’til 5:00) and Saturday, 10:00-4:00, Central Time;
Every kit complete including vehicle specific installation instructions;
Will not void new car warranty. See US code – title 15, Chapter 50, Sec. 2302-2312 of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.
Easy to see why we are, without a doubt, the best on the market!

Engine Runs on Vapor!

Following the Money: Who’s in Control?

Human beings are beginning to question the environment around them more so than ever before. Our capability to step outside of the box and observe events taking place on planet Earth from a neutral standpoint continues to increase at an exponential rate. Observing the entire Earth experience from an open mind has cleared the way for a change in perception, which has the potential to change our planet and the way we operate on it forever. Political, media, food, education, health, energy and financial industries are now under intense scrutiny as people continue to let go of fear, speak up and ask more questions. Can we really separate these industries if they are all operated by the same people? How can we separate the medical, food and pharmaceutical industries when they are all funded and headed by the same families and multinational organizations? How can we disregard comments and research conducted from insiders that have turned to the side of truth? If cancer cures, clean energy technologies, and other information is being suppressed, who are the ones doing the suppressing and why?

History of the House of Rothschild Part 1 (1743-1946)

Everything of The “System” Is A Lie


“Manipulators rarely advise you to seek new and diverse information or to learn and research for yourself, it tends to be safer for exploitative and irresponsible leaders to keep their citizens in the dark; in their view less independent thought is better. Independent thought leads to an inquiring mind, a mindset that eventually leads to the questioning of authority figures, and that is the one thing that inadequate leaders do not want. When a leader discourages questioning of his/her leadership style, actions, and motivations, that is a sign that they have something to hide, that they may not be worthy of the publics trust. A responsive leader welcomes and encourages questions from the citizens that have entrusted them with their safety, economic stability, and their confidence that a certain level of civility in society will be constant. Responsive leaders would be appalled, disappointed and disgusted if the public did not question such factors.” -Teresa Stover

Everything Is A Lie: The Deliberate Intent To Deceive People Is At An All Time High: